We are delighted to say that the Fat Frogs are joining DtL Creative.

Although now under the sole ownership of DtL Creative, we are so happy to retain the services of Michelle Rodger and Dr Ian Young as associate consultants. With the change of ownership, comes a new direction. We will still focus on social media as a core business stream on its own right, however, there is a big change in a new service.

As landlords up and down the country seek to improve their communications, it is this word we will now focus on as a key service.

Communication is paramount to a landlord. Without good communication, satisfaction in the delivery of their services can dwindle. Without a decent communication strategy, tenants get frustrated, staff get frustrated and lets face it, it is simply not good for business.

So, what we will offer is consultancy services that will improve the communications strategy for associations no matter what their starting point.

Why Fat Frog and DtL Creative together? With the two companies working closely together, we can bring our considerable experience in social housing operations to make sure your systems, your people and your strategies work for you, but perhaps more importantly, your tenants, or as we tend to call them, your ‘customers’.

What we do together is compliment the different skill sets both companies bring. Give us a call and find out what we do, how we do it, and how we can make a difference.